Artory/Winston launches tokenized fine art fund in Singapore in collaboration with SDAX and Apex Group

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SINGAPORE & NEW YORK, NOVEMBER 20, 2023 – Leading private art and collectibles asset manager, Artory/Winston, today announced the launch of the Artory/Winston Fine Art Fund in Singapore through its partnership with Singapore’s Digital Asset Exchange (SDAX). Established by the joint venture between the largest independent art appraisal and advisory firm, Winston Art Group, and leading art tokenization platform, Artory, the Fund gives investors on SDAX access to the potential advantages and returns of the fine art market through a diversified portfolio of expertly curated artworks from a range of artists and categories.

With a differentiated strategy leveraging unparalleled domain expertise and the largest art market database, the Artory/Winston Fine Art Fund expects to invest across three segments of the contemporary art market–Emerging Artists, Mid-Career Artists, and Blue-Chip Artists–to build a diversified portfolio of approximately 200 curated, physical artworks from 60 to 80 artists. The Artory/Winston team has a decades-long track record of managing separate accounts on behalf of private collectors, investors, museums, and institutions–including some of the largest private and public art transactions over the past 30 years.

The Artory/Winston & SDAX teams at their launch event at The Private Museum in Singapore.

Prior to investment, Winston Art Group conducts due diligence on each artwork in the Fund with the same high standards of practice that it brings to the $10 billion of artworks the firm appraises each year. This wealth of information contributes to the potential resale value of each artwork and is captured through Artory’s secure and audit-ready tokenization technology to ensure a robust, compliant investment process. Artory/Winston’s tokenized assets are kept current with regular appraisals and an industry-leading dataset of over 44 million historical transactions, which helps Artory/Winston to identify the ideal potential opportunities to sell and deliver returns to investors.

“Fine art is a promising vehicle for investment, and it is our mission to mitigate risk and instil confidence in the asset for a new wave of investors. A major differentiator of our offerings is the exceptional sourcing and diligence expertise of Winston Art Group and the accessibility of this expertise made possible by Artory’s data and technology. Through our partnership with SDAX, we are incredibly excited to deliver this robust art offering to Asia’s private markets investors. Elizabeth von Habsburg&Nanne Dekking | Co-CEOs of Artory/Winston

Artory/Winston’s partnership with SDAX is a testament to their shared commitment to building a digital asset ecosystem with an open and collaborative architecture that caters to the varying and evolving needs of private market investors. Unlike others in this market, the Fund is regulated and is independently administered by Apex Group, providing the quality infrastructure needed to create an institutional-quality investment offering.

“Apex is proud to work with Artory/Winston and SDAX as they enable access to a sophisticated alternative asset class for their clients. This is good news for investors, offering access to an exciting asset class with historical returns comparable to venture capital and private equity,  but which has previously been prohibitively  expensive. It is also great news for the art world, with this fund supporting both established and emerging artistic careers.”Bruce Jackson, CFA | Director, Chief of Digital Asset Funds and Business at Apex Group

SDAX’s multi-asset exchange with an open architecture connects issuers and investors globally, allowing greater transparency in terms of valuation and performance, and fueling a liquid secondary market. The platform’s suite of financial and capital markets services is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore in accordance with compliance and governance guidelines. In partnership with SDAX, accredited investors in Singapore and qualified investors across Asia can now access opportunities in this unique segment.

“Trusted art experts and advisers such as Artory/Winston play a crucial role in helping investors navigate the complexities of the fine art investment market which has traditionally been opaque and inaccessible to most investors. With their deep domain expertise and data driven investment approach, Artory/Winston brings a quality offering to the market through their art fund. SDAX is honoured to be the chosen partners for Artory/Winston. The heightened interest in art as an alternative asset class in recent years underscores the potential this asset class offers in uncorrelated returns, legacy building, and portfolio diversification. We believe that Asia’s art investment communities will further benefit from Artory/Winston’s best-in-class approach to constructing art investment portfolios and the experience in sourcing, appraising and selecting fine art. We look forward to working closely with Artory/Winston as we strive to continually transform the alternative asset landscape in Asia.”Rachel Chia | CEO of SDAX

About SDAX

Based in Singapore, SDAX is a globally connected, integrated digital financial services platform offering a comprehensive suite of investment opportunities for asset owners and investors to benefit from the world’s private markets.  Regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, SDAX’s exchange platform offers opportunities to access exclusive investments from its ecosystem and secondary market trading via its digital asset exchange.  

With SDAX, investors access curated investment opportunities across private equities, funds, real estate and alternatives which have passed SDAX’s rigorous due diligence process.  SDAX connects markets through partnerships with participants in North America, the United Kingdom, Europe and the Asia Pacific region, delivering a seamless and efficient cross-border digital assets ecosystem for wealth creation.  

About Artory/Winston

Artory/Winston is a private art and collectibles asset manager established as a joint venture between Artory and Winston Art Group. Artory/Winston’s mission is to create credible investment opportunities by sourcing the finest artworks and collectibles with high potential to grow in value and generate strong returns for our investors. To create these unique offerings, Artory/Winston adheres to an institutional-quality investment process by leveraging the data and technology of Artory as well as the domain expertise and services of Winston Art Group. Sharing office space on 56th Street in Manhattan, the Artory and Winston teams work side-by-side to build innovative asset management solutions for trusted real-world assets.