Artory/Winston launches its first tokenized, diversified art fund on Securitize

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New York, NY – September 20, 2022Artory/Winston (the “joint venture”), a joint venture between Artory and Winston Art Group, today announced the creation of its first tokenized and diversified art fund (the “Fund”). The offering is now available on Securitize, a fully digital, all-in-one platform for issuing, managing, and trading digital asset securities. Investors can obtain an interest in a diversified portfolio of a carefully curated selection of physical artworks with the potential to generate positive returns. The $25M closed-end Fund is actively managed.

Winston Art Group will lead the sourcing and diligence on every artwork considered and purchased for the Fund. Artory’s technology will be used to capture the artworks’ due diligence data on the blockchain, providing investors with the confidence of investing in artworks with immutable records, verified provenance, and digital certification. Investors can purchase tokens representing ownership interests in the art fund, which can be traded on Securitize’s secondary market after a one-year lock up period.  

“Today marks a milestone in Artory/Winston’s mission to expand the art market, make it more accessible, and offer investors a smarter diversification strategy for investing in this opportune asset class,” said Nanne Dekking, Founder and CEO of Artory. “We bring the art expertise, market access, technology, and credibility to the art investment process that simply was not present until now. Winston’s selection of artworks and the reliability that comes with Artory’s blockchain-secured digital certificate aims to instill investor confidence in our strategy not just today, but for many years to come. The one-of-a-kind access to liquidity through this offering in the secondary market is another key differentiator.”

The Artory/Winston art fund is a diversified portfolio of investment-grade fine artworks by blue chip, mid-career and emerging artists. The investment strategy provides the stability of the blue-chip art market with the high potential for returns generated by mid-career and emerging artists. Trading tokens on the secondary market presents a unique potential opportunity for investors to achieve liquidity and realize gains.

Elizabeth von Habsburg, Founder and Managing Director of Winston Art Group added: “The top performing artists have outpaced the S&P500 for over twenty years, with art widely regarded as a stable and resilient global market. But not every artwork retains value. It takes experienced advisors to understand which artworks have the highest potential to excel. We capture that potential by combining Winston’s decades of due diligence experience, trusted appraisal process and depth of access to artworks with Artory’s technology, digital certification, and art market experience.”

Artory/Winston selected Securitize Markets for its access to primary and secondary markets, large network of investors and businesses as well as their robust compliance and regulatory framework.

Founded in 2017, Securitize is an all-in-one solution for private companies to easily onboard and manage shareholders, tokenize assets, raise capital and enable liquidity, all powered by blockchain technology. Securitize is the largest digital transfer agency in the world and largest marketplace for investing in and trading tokenized shares.

“Blockchain technology is making it possible for investors to access opportunities that were unthinkable or out of reach just a few years ago,” said Scott Harrigan, CEO of Securitize Markets. “Most value and wealth is generated in the private markets – from private businesses to venture capital to art – and Securitize is making it easier for more investors to participate in that value creation. We are proud Artory/Winston’s partnership will be available on Securitize Markets.”  

Fund participants will be able to secure their investment on Securitize’s investor portal. There, all information on expenses and fees are available for investors’ consideration. Artory/Winston has joined with institutional partners including Apex Group and Alpha Innovations to bring this unique fund to market. The Master Fund for this offering is administered by APEX Group Ltd., with Digital Array ISAC Ltd. acting as Platform Manager. The Master Fund will also have an independent auditor and art appraisers.

This is the first in a series of diversified artwork offerings that Artory/Winston plans to launch. Last month, the joint venture started taking reservations for its single artwork offering from retail and accredited investors through Republic. In less than two months, the offering has reached more than $145,000 in reservations with over 200 reservations and counting. For more information about single and diversified artwork investment opportunities, go to

About Artory/Winston

Artory/Winston creates unique investment opportunities by sourcing the finest artworks with the greatest potential to grow in value and generate real returns. Combining Artory’s industry-leading art registry technology with Winston Art Group’s deep market expertise and broad access to the primary market, secondary market, and private sources around the world enables its experts to identify the right opportunities, determine valuation and verify provenance. Artory/Winston then provides a diversified set of investment vehicles that come with digital certification on the blockchain with the flexibility and liquidity of fractionalized ownership. For more information, please visit,, and

About Securitize Markets

Securitize is a digital asset securities firm with a mission to provide shareholders access to invest in and trade alternative investments, and for companies to raise capital, manage shareholders, and offer shareholders potential liquidity. Securitize has pioneered a fully digital, all-in-one platform for issuing, managing and trading digital asset securities, consistent with the existing U.S. regulatory framework, with a community of over 1.2 million investors and 3,000 businesses connected. Securitize is comprised of Securitize, Inc. and its subsidiaries Securitize LLC and Pacific Stock Transfer (both SEC-registered transfer agents), Securitize Capital, LLC, Securitize Markets, LLC (an SEC-registered broker-dealer, member of FINRA and SIPC, and operator of the company’s alternative trading system). Learn more at


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