Artory Expands Leadership and Blockchain Team with Strategic Hires Focused on Tokenized Financial Opportunities

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New York, NY – August 7, 2023 – Artory, the world leader in tokenizing fine art and collectibles, today announced the addition of new members to its team, positioning the company to tokenize art and collectibles at scale. As Artory becomes the largest art and rare assets management firm, the company is bringing on key hires to support and broaden its financial expertise and blockchain capabilities. With teams in New York, Berlin, and Bangkok, Artory secures trusted information from partner institutions to tokenize real-world assets (RWAs) and prepare them to be incorporated in traditional financial instruments, next-gen digital-first financial products, and other Web3 opportunities.

To expand the company’s expertise within the investment and fintech ecosystem, Artory has appointed Peter Loukas as Chief Investment Officer. Based in New York and Boston, Peter will be responsible for Artory’s investment management activities and financial product innovation efforts. Peter’s recent investment experience includes serving as the Co-CIO of Lumida, an investment advisor mandated for digital assets and as the Head of Portfolio Strategy at Theorem Partners, a $4 billion quant fund. Peter has spent several years as an operator in the fintech sector, including as the VP of Strategy and Capital Markets of Laurel Road, which was acquired by KeyBank in 2019. Earlier in his career, Peter worked in the Real Assets Investment Group at Cambridge Associates and in capital markets advisory for private real estate investors. Peter is also a CFA® charterholder and CAIA® charterholder.

As Chief Investment Officer of Artory, Loukas will be instrumental in expanding the financial products launched by Artory/Winston, Artory’s joint venture with leading art appraisal and advisory firm, Winston Art Group. Artory/Winston creates unique investment opportunities by sourcing the finest artworks and collectibles with high potential to grow in value and generate strong returns for investors.

Artory/Winston launched its first diversified, tokenized fine art fund in Q1 2023, creating the next generation of portfolio diversification with investment opportunities built on top of trusted real-world assets.

“Joining Nanne and the team at Artory became an obvious decision. Artory is solving real problems of opacity and lack of trust in the art and collectibles market by launching institutional-quality, RWA services and financial products. Artory’s technology and data, combined with the scale and domain expertise of our partners, give us the opportunity to have a meaningful impact on the entire art market. I’m excited to make quick progress developing the investment offerings established by Artory and Winston Art Group, as well as the new initiatives we already have in the pipeline.”
Peter Loukas, CFA, CAIA | Chief Investment Officer, Artory

At the core of Artory’s product is institutional-grade, real-world asset tokenization. In continuing to develop their product on the cutting-edge, Artory has brought on additional blockchain expertise to support and grow their offerings. Joining Artory’s blockchain team are Oleh Rubanik and Affan Khan: skilled engineers with considerable experience in smart contract engineering and dApps development, having built and successfully launched projects on multiple blockchains.

“As global focus shifts toward the on-chain representation of RWAs, Artory continues leading the tokenization of art as real-world assets with its complex array of nuances that require careful handling. We are excited to welcome new engineers to our team–individuals who not only possess extensive technical expertise but also appreciate the business intricacies involved in this unique convergence of art, technology, and finance.”
Timothy Kompanchenko | Chief Technology Officer, Artory

With Artory’s institutional-grade tokenization, Artory increases access to trusted, tokenized real world asset financial products. The new additions reaffirm Artory’s commitment to create a more secure, inclusive, and efficient environment for investors.

“Alongside the growth of our blockchain team, the value added by Peter Loukas and his financial expertise has already proven to be an incredible asset for Artory and our joint venture with Winston Art Group. The exceptional domain expertise, robust regulatory framework, and tech-focused approach of our current products have gained considerable attention from institutional investors as the most credible offerings in the space. I’m very excited with the addition of Peter to the team, his knowledge in investment management, and his experience in the fintech space is exactly what Artory needs to grow and effectively serve our clients and investors.”
Nanne Dekking | Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Artory
About Artory

Artory was founded in 2016 by Nanne Dekking to accumulate and secure trusted data about artworks and collectibles. Since its founding, Artory has verified, secured on blockchain, and tokenized over $1.5B worth art and collectibles. Starting in 2021, Artory began leveraging the trusted artwork information to tokenize physical artworks to prepare them for safe and efficient trade in the digital financial markets. Artory also owns, maintains, and develops one of the largest databases of art market data. These data are used for sophisticated data insights and data-driven valuations and solutions.